This page is devoted to the new book That Stripy Cat written by Norene Smiley and illustrated by Tara Anderson.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

You’re invited to a special event!

Please come to our Stripy Cat book party! On October 13th we are having a fundraising party for the Quinte Humane Society. We will be selling copies of the new children’s book That Stripy Cat, written by Norene Smiley and illustrated by Tara Anderson. Local artist Tara Anderson will be signing copies from 1-5pm. All profits will be donated directly to the Quinte Animal Shelter. Bring the kids and join us for refreshments, fun and games, and much more!

Event Location:

365 North Front Street,
Bell Tower Plaza,
Belleville, Ontario
613- 962-6580

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Toronto Globe and Mail Review

That Stripy Cat

By Norene Smiley, illustrated by Tara Anderson, Fitzhenry & Whiteside, 32 pages, $19.95, ages 3 to 6

That stripy cat is the cat rescued and delivered to the Hummingbird Animal Centre, where Mrs. Cosy works. He's a no-name cat, small and grey with green eyes. He's a timorous wee beastie, and one that doesn't lend himself to any adoption overtures or, actually, overtures of any kind; when he retreats to a hiding place under the couch in the face of any human contact, Mrs Cosy declares that his name should be Steadfast.

When the stripy cat runs up one curtain and down another, Mrs Cosy names him Spunky, and when she peels him off the screen door she calls him Full of Beans. When he resists a potential adopter's blandishments, he's left behind in favour of a poodle named Lucy, "with fur as soft as cotton balls and eyes like melted chocolate." He's left behind again when the McCurdy sisters come to the shelter looking for a mouser for their bookshop, and the stripy cat hides in a drawer.

By the time the animal shelter closes for the day, all the animals have found homes except that stripy cat. It will come as no surprise that the stripy cat and his great defender, Mrs. Cosy, belong to each other. She takes him home and shares her supper of salmon pot pie with him.

At night, they snuggle together under a quilt while Mrs. Cosy reads Puss in Boots aloud, and the stripy cat, now known as Velcro, purrs "in all the right places."

Small children, read this story, will purr in all the right places, too, and Tara Anderson's bright paintings raise the pleasure quotient.

Susan Perren,
Toronto Globe and Mail
Saturday, July 28, 2007

School Library Journal Review

Fitzhenry & Whiteside - SLJ Reviews –September, 2007

SMILEY, Norene. That Stripy Cat. illus. by Tara Anderson. unpaged. CIP. Fitzhenry & Whiteside. Sept. 2007. Tr $16.95. ISBN 978-1-55005-164-3. LC C2006-906868-2.
PreS-Gr 2–Over the course of a busy Saturday, “the stripy cat” meets a handful of potential caretakers at the animal shelter. Young readers quickly realize, however, that the feline has already picked the perfect partner–the woman who runs the agency. Throughout the day, Mrs. Cosy, her coworker, and several visitors describe the cat in a variety of ways that aptly depict its behavior, including cantankerous, steadfast, persnickety, full of beans, a comfort sure and true. At the end of the book the animal is given a name by Mrs. Cosy that is sure to stick: Velcro–in honor of the trusty fastenings on her sneakers. Anderson’s colorful illustrations sweetly capture the cat’s antics and the reactions of the humans to her as well as her determination to stick like glue to Mrs. Cosy. The story’s pacing and easy-to-read text against the crisp white background make for a great read-aloud. It is hard to imagine this cat being left on the shelf. Totally engaging.–Maura Bresnahan, High Plain Elementary School, Andover, MA

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Book Expo 2007

The Stripy Cat signing at Book Expo was so much fun. Thank you to everyone at Fitzhenry & Whiteside making it such a memorable day. I would also like to thank Max, Fortunato, Luanna and Sylvia for all their help. It was really cool talking to librarians and booksellers about the new book. What a thrill! I look forward to sharing this story with teachers and students in the future!

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

New Release for Spring 2007!

Written by Norene Smiley

Pictures by Tara Anderson

At the Hummingbird Animal Shelter, Mrs. Cosy and her co-workers find homes for stray animals. Unfortunately their latest newcomer, a stripy little cat won't cooperate. Mrs. Cosy might smile at his antics, but who wants to adopt a troublemaker that howls, hides under couches, and climbs the drapes? Sure enough, by the end of the day, the little cat is the only animal left without a new owner. All is not lost. Sometimes cats like to choose for themselves. That stripy cat has already found someone to adopt. Who could it be?

ISBN 978-1-55005-164-3

Spring 2007